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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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What is more important than saving the lives of your family and yourself, and all you own? It is often said that “Fires rarely occur” or that “It won’t happen to us.” Others say, “The smoke will wake me up in time to get out.” These dangerous misperceptions are one of the leading causes of accidental death and billions of dollars in property damage alone (twice that of the Hurricane Katrina disaster).  Sadly, people don’t realize the true magnitude and perceive fire safety as a non-emergency.  Accidental fires have left numerous families bereft and heartbroken.  And the sad truth is that many of these tragedies could have been prevented.

A burning knowledge can save your life, a life, several lives, a child’s life – our goal is safety!

The mission of Live Safe is to help YOU prepare for, train and improve the effectiveness of saving your life in the event of a fire. The Live Safe Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3), and leading grassroots movement, devoted to making fire and life safety education, awareness initiatives and life saving tools available on a broad basis to communities, campuses, and institutions in an effort to reduce national fire fatalities and fire losses.  While the Live Safe Foundation is not exclusively fire oriented, through our “voice” on this blog we will work to build public awareness, advocacy, and incorporate the usage of important messaging development to create “Fans” interested in helping everyone become a more responsive society to life and fire safety needs.  Live Safe exists to provide training and awareness for those who are uniformed.

The Foundation will on its own and through strategic programmatic partnerships advocate for fire and life safety through: Awareness, Research, Advocacy and Outreach. is a blog site inviting you to engage with us about general fire and life safety tips and public safety awareness issues. Here you can also find information about how long it takes fires to spread, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire safety protocols for various populated areas.

Preparedness to Prevention.

Whether providing web-based curriculum, hosting training, delivering fire safety kits, commissioning fire prevention/safety research, or reaching individuals right where they live, work and play—Live Safe seeks to save lives.

Policy Research, White Papers and Developing Initiatives.

Through our advocacy, the dialog we’ve established with the community, and our team of fire-safety industry experts, Live Safe has observed that institutional fire-and-life-safety policy (at universities, for example) varies widely from one institution to another, even though such institutions share many common fire-safety issues and circumstances.  Also, virtually all of the fire-safety policy documents used by such institutions do not address key fire-safety policy issues.  Live Safe’s mission includes easing the institutional burden of producing competent fire-safety policies.  Live Safe will spearhead efforts to improve institutional fire-safety policy, act as a conduit for policy development, and strive to ensure that institutions have access to policy-related information and guidance sufficient to ensure the implementation of useful, effective (risk-reducing) fire-safety policy on a broad basis.

Promoting Standards and Innovation.

Institutions have inconsistent standards regarding the fire-safety condition of their buildings and infrastructure, if they have them at.  Because such standards are essential to fire safety, Live Safe’s mission includes advocacy for the development and adoption of such standards, and inciting innovation in products and services.

Live Safe Means Peace of Mind.

Heightened awareness, broadly delivered education, and next generation research—all resulting in peace of mind.

At Live Safe, we are inspired by the stories of people around the globe impacted by the tragedies of fire.  We care about the people who have lost loved ones to a fire and we will not rest in our quest to influence, inform, and empower. The Live Safe Foundation inspires individuals and families to action in communities across the country by searching for answers and offering real world suggestions to help everyone avoid common mistakes.  Live Safe aspires to develop and sponsor programs to help groups find the resources needed to advance individual and community fire safety. Live Safe aims to help finance fire safety education where means are otherwise unavailable.

By alerting families, parents, students and neighborhoods about our cause – and by working with manufacturers, civic leaders, retailers, and safety officials – we will work to help affect real change in legislation, marketing practices, and community planning.  In an ideal society, every person would have the same opportunities.  It’s the gap between this idealistic notion and the reality that Live Safe aims to fill.  Live Safe is just beginning to plant seeds.

Companies like ABCO Fire Protection and NIFAST (National Institute for Fire and Safety Training) generously support the Live Safe Foundation with funding and resources, as well as other “partners” in safety and prevention.  And with your help, we can continue to expand our reach into new communities, directly helping and impacting people in those areas.

Live Safe. Know it. Do it. Share it.

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