Live Safe is proud to have participated in the development of Pioneering Technology Corp.'s "Educational Cookbook for Community Fire Safety, Recipes to Help Reduce Cooking Fires," recently released collaboratively in connection with NFPA's Fire Prevention Week 2013 - themed "Prevent Kitchen Fires." Because cooking is the number-one cause of home fires and home-fire injuries, educating communities on the topic is critical.

The "Cookbook" includes custom curriculums, evaluation components, sample PSA's, prevention-education messages for multiple audiences, a five-step process to establish ordinances requiring engineered solutions for cooking fires in your community's at-risk occupancies (and a sample city ordinance), background on engineered solutions to prevent fires for your educational campaigns, and other information developed to help in your prevention efforts. Whatever your group, the "Cookbook" has materials to help you stop cooking fires in your community.

Spread the word, and help stop cooking fires in your community. Ensure that all members of your community, including kids, understand the serious fire risks associated with cooking by adding the "Cookbook" materials to your fire-safety program, or use them to establish a stop-cooking-fires campaign - either way these resources help to build a customized campaign that's just right for your community.

Live Safe believes that the educational campaign embodied in the "Cookbook" is another milestone for fire-safety education - and we hope you find the "Cookbook" helpful as you strive to make your communities safer by reducing the number-one cause of home fires. Let's make this the year that we start to end these unnecessary and preventable fires permanently.


The Live Safe Foundation developed five daily
Fire Prevention Week tips that are great reminders for
your employees and their family members on how to keep your residence and/or commercial buildings safe
from the hazards of fire (especially kitchen fires).

These tips are designed and suitable for printing
and posting in visible locations.